Now Available:  DeepFactor v1.9 and Jenkins Plugin  v1.0.1!

Vikas Wadhvani, Product Manager, DeepFactor
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With support for Kubernetes v1.20 and v1.21, and several key enhancements to our Insights and Integrations - including a new Jenkins Plugin - DeepFactor continues to offer next-gen Continuous AppSec Observability.

  Features Enhancements
Core Platform
  • Support for Kubernetes v1.20 and v1.21
  • Fine grained option to inject java language specific agents

  • Dynamic listening ports are also now shown under BOM → Network

  • Service name now shown in listening ports table

  • Deploy Mutating Webhook as non-root container

  • Instrument apps without requiring to run as root container

  • A new alert is shown if the application modifies the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH

  • An audit trail of alert state changes now shown for every alert

  • Class Loaded and Method invoked events now shown under Live stream

  • Deduplicating URIs in DAST alerts

  • New Slack Notification - DAST Scan Completed

After releasing version 1.9 of the DeepFactor Portal in early-August, we are excited to extend this blog announcement to include the release of versions 1.9.1 and 1.9.2. With each new release, we are adding exciting new features and enhancements to our existing capabilities to give you comprehensive visibility of your applications.


  1. Jenkins Plugin v1.0.1: With our improved Jenkins Plugin, observe your applications with DeepFactor, execute DAST scans and generate reports directly within your pipeline. In addition to Kubernetes, Docker and traditional workloads, the Jenkin's Plugin is now compatible with other container deployments such as ECS, Nomad, etc.

  2. Audit Trail for Alert State Changes: Every alert state change is now tracked and shown on Alert Details.

  3. New Alerts for changes to LD_LIBRARY_PATH: DeepFactor now generates an alert if the application modifies the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH

  4. DeepFactor's Mutatuing WebHhook Admission Controller Improvements:

    • DeepFactor’s Mutating Admission Webhook Controller has now been verified in K8s v1.20 and v1.21

    • DeepFactor’s Mutating Webhook Admission Controller is now deployed as a non-root container. Also, the application initialization process is executed with non-root privileges.


  1. Dynamic Ports in Listening Ports table: If your application binds to a random port (by passing 0 as port number in a bind call), DeepFactor detects the actual port number returned by the OS and displays it within the listening ports table.

  2. Service Name for Listening Ports: DeepFactor provides a list of all ports your application is listening on. With the release of version 1.9, we include the name of the service running on the port (ex. HTTP, HTTPS).

  3. Alert Improvements: URIs of the form https://mywebhost/api/something and https://mywebhost/api/something/ are now deduplicated and result in only one DAST (API Security / Web Scan) alert occurrence.

  4. New Events in Live Stream: With the help of language specific agents, DeepFactor gathers the classes loaded and method invoked events. You can now view these events under Live Stream.

  5. New Options for Java Language-Specific Agents (LSAs): DeepFactor can inject java language-specific agents for method tracing and stack trace collection. With 1.9 release, you have fine-grained control over which agents you want to inject into your component. You can read more at the following link: Language Specific Agents.

  6. New Slack Notification: With 1.9 release, you will get a slack notification when an ongoing DAST scan completes and alerts have been raised. In addition to the summary of the scan, this Slack notification provides a direct hyperlink to the DeepFactor Portal

Visit our Release Notes for more information about our latest releases.

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