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DeepFactor Add Runtime AppSec Observability to Your GitLab Pipeline Webinar TW-1

The problem: today’s applications are more complex employing multiple languages, 3rd party components, cloud services, containers, microservices, and more. Unfortunately, greater app complexity and faster delivery increase the security, privacy, and compliance risks, and security teams are struggling to keep pace. AppSec teams need help from the engineering teams to find app security and compliance vulnerabilities early in dev and make security part of the definition of ‘done’ before shipping to production. 

The solution: engineers need a purpose-built tool that looks inside every thread/process/container WHILE THE APP IS RUNNING in test/staging/prod and identifies risks that only manifest at runtime, such as system call risks, behavior violations, and runtime use of vulnerable dependencies. And this needs to be baked into the CI/CD pipeline so that every build is automatically and continuously observed, and alerts are generated to provide developers immediate feedback.

You will learn how to:

  • Add DeepFactor to a Node.js app and a Docker container running 'x' application using one command and zero code changes
  • Automatically observe billions of live telemetry events in every thread/process/container to detect anomalies during test, staging, and production
  • Find and triage RUNTIME security and compliance risks in your apps—including 3rd party components—within your GitLab pipelines
  • Deliver secure and compliant software without compromising release velocity