Ops Teams ‘SHIFT Left’…BUT…Developers ‘START Left’


Your apps are more granular & complex than ever before, thanks to microservices, 3rd parties, cloud services etc… And they are released more frequently than ever before, thanks to DevOps. Unfortunately, greater application complexity and faster delivery increase the security, privacy, and compliance risks. Meanwhile, attacks and attackers are much more sophisticated than ever before, and compliance pressures are rising. If you do not identify these risks, you are likely to be penalized a lot more than ever before!

Existing AppSec tools scan code or find vulnerabilities in build images, but they:

  1. Don’t observe the application while it’s running
  2. Have no visibility into 3rd party software
  3. Don’t cover compliance

Just like how ‘looking at a parked car is not the same as driving it’, looking for vulnerabilities in static code is not the same as looking for vulnerabilities in the running application. Developers and security teams lack continuous RUNTIME visibility into the impact of their code, their 3rd party components, and the interpreter itself on the application’s security, privacy, and compliance. In effect, they are ‘runtime blind’.

To be successful, organizations must enable engineering teams to ‘secure at the source’ to create secure applications right from the start.

Join this session with DeepFactor CEO and Founder, Kiran Kamity, and Customer Success Engineer, John Day, to discuss:

  • The biggest challenges for AppSec in 2021
  • Why current tools fall short
  • Why Continuous Observability’ with live telemetry is the next frontier

You’ll leave this session armed with the knowledge to immediately ‘start left’ and ‘secure at the source’. You’ll see developer-specific tools that allow you to not only go beyond just scanning your code or build images, but tools that enable you to test-drive your application and ship secure and compliant apps to production without additional cycles! Learn how to eliminate blind spots and silos, and turn Dev into AppSec champions.