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The problem: with the adoption of CI/CD pipelines, new application builds can be automated to go live daily, hourly, or even faster. And today’s applications are more complex employing multiple languages, 3rd party components, cloud services, containers, microservices, and more. Unfortunately, greater app complexity and faster delivery increase the security, privacy, and compliance risks, and security teams are struggling to keep pace. 

The solution: AppSec teams need help from the engineering teams to find app security and compliance vulnerabilities early in dev, from day 1, and make security part of the definition of ‘done’ before shipping to production.

Engineering teams need a developer-native tool that looks inside every thread/process/container while the app is running to identify risks that only manifest at runtime, such as system call risks, behavior violations, and runtime use of vulnerable dependencies, automatically in the CI pipeline. Developers need the next frontier of innovation in DevSecOps that shifts left app security to 'secure at the source': continuous AppSec observability.

In this session you'll see how you can create the most secure CI pipeline by integrating DeepFactor’s Continuous AppSec Observability platform.

You will learn how to:

  • Automatically observe billions of live telemetry events that happen in every thread/process/container of a running app to detect anomalies
  • Find and triage RUNTIME security and compliance risks in your apps—including 3rd party components—within the CI pipeline
  • Deliver and maintain secure and compliant software without compromising release velocity


  • John Day, Customer Success Engineer
  • Andrew Horrigan, Technical Product Marketing Manager