Integrating SBOMs Into Your SDLC by the Biden Executive Order June Deadline

With speakers: Chocks Ramiah, Principal Architect, Cisco; Rose Judge, Senior Open Source Engineer, VMware; and Kiran Kamity, Founder & CEO, Deepfactor

By June 11th, 2023, all organizations that sell software to the U.S. federal government are required to provide a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) as part of enhancing supply chain security. The European Union and many private companies are following suit, requiring SBOMs as part of their software procurement process.

This webinar panel focuses on steps you can take now to integrate the production of SBOMs into the software development life cycle (SDLC) to both meet the requirements of the Executive Order and better manage the risks of the software supply chain and vulnerabilities in both open-source and third-party software components. This panel will also discuss the practical and operational aspects of gathering, using, and handling SBOMs. Panelists include experts and practitioners with deep expertise in implementing SBOMs and supply chain security best practices at their organizations.


SBOM Webinar

The panel is moderated by Deepfactor Founder & CEO, Kiran Kamity.


Chocks Ramiah, Principal Architect, Cisco: Chocks works on enabling digital transformation for global customers based out of Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA. Has more than 30 years of experience in the software Industry, with 24+ years at Cisco, and has patents in the secure digital certification and cloud transformation portfolio. He works with global SP, Enterprise, and Federal customers to adopt Secure Software Supply Chain with DevSecOps model for scalable private Cloud and network management solutions. Chocks has in-depth experience in Cloud native architecture, design, development, deployment of customer solutions, and is cloud-certified with security specialization on modernized software delivery with pipelines, container security, SD-WAN, security audit for CIS, DoD, NIST, OpenSCAP compliance standards. Chocks is a Cisco representative for enabling security policy for SBOM for Cisco products. He’s always reachable to incubate and optimally solve challenging customer requirements involving multi-vendor solutions.

Rose Judge, Senior Open Source Engineer, VMware: At VMware, Rose co-maintains Tern, an open source container inspection tool that generates container SBOMs. Additionally, she is the chair of the Linux Foundation’s Automating Compliance Tooling Technical Advisory Council and regularly contributes to the SPDX Project’s Tech, Defects, and Implementers working groups.