November 6, 2020

DeepFactor: Not Your Typical Startup


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Am I Crazy for Joining DeepFactor?

When I joined DeepFactor, I thought I knew what I was getting into… A typical startup with no marketing that took 3 steps forward, 2.8 steps backward. A job where we worked insane hours and had desks covered in fast food wrappers and stained coffee mugs. Wow – was I mistaken! I mean, yes, we work crazy hours, but how else can we build a game-changing software business unless we move faster than a laser beam[1]?

Revolutionary Solution for Dev Teams

DeepFactor will set a new benchmark for software startups. Why? Let’s begin with our product. It’s not just a dev tool idea we’re building piece by piece. In fact, it’s an advanced continuous observability solution that’s ready for our customers to use right now for FREE. DeepFactor is built for developers by developers and integrates seamlessly and effortlessly into your DevOps environment. It surges Dev team productivity, diminishes issue alert fatigue, and bridges the gap between static code scans and production monitoring (see chart below).

The missing piece of the DevOps pipeline

Excited Customers

Another proof point about how we’re changing the software startup game is feedback from our customers. We receive comments such as, “From a security perspective, [DeepFactor] filled a hole in our current observability fabric. [DeepFactor] sets you up for a lot of future wins because you have the whole piece.” and, “We inundate our developers with a list of vulnerabilities they need to go attack. Having DeepFactor gives us…a prioritized list of vulnerabilities or issues that we need our engineers to focus on.” But don’t take my word for it. Hear and see it for yourself on our DeepFactor YouTube channel.

DeepFactor YouTube Channel

Collaborative Marketing

And finally, let’s look at Marketing. DeepFactor considers the marketing function vital to business success (which is obviously great news for me!) We believe in everyone pitching in when and where they can, regardless of title. For example, the Engineering team helps me with the website; in turn, I can make product suggestions to Engineering. We invest in Marketing to make sure you ‒ our customers, community, and advocates ‒ receive DeepFactor updates ASAP, because in a DevOps world, speed is key.

This leads me to our newest marketing tool: “Fresh from the Deep Factory”. In addition to our weekly blogs, social media activity, and Tech Tuesday webinars, we’re launching another way for you to stay connected and informed. Our monthly eNewsletter will compile continuous observability news and events, recent blogs, customer stories, new product features, and more. Click HERE to subscribe.

DeepFactor Monthly eNews

DeepFactor is definitely not your typical startup. As I said before, don’t take my word for it ‒ see DeepFactor in action for yourself. Find and fix Security, Compliance, and Performance risks in custom and 3rd party code execution within the DevOps pipeline. Register now and use DeepFactor for free!

[1] Laser beams travel at the speed of light more than 670 million miles per hour making it the fastest thing in the universe!

SANS 2022 DevSecOps Survey

Create a culture to significantly improve your organization’s security posture.

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