March 29, 2021

You can’t spot all vulnerabilities with only static code scans!


A static code scanner is not sufficient in today’s DevOps-microservices-containers-world. You need RUNTIME observability into the application’s security, privacy, and compliance. Developers need to know if their code or a 3rd party’s code can cause issues at runtime.


DeepFactor Tech Tuesday Runtime Visibility Joe Levy SM


How confident are you that your code—including any 3rd party code your team brought in—is running in a secure and compliant manner before you deploy to production? Register HERE for this webinar and boost your confidence!

Imagine this – your developers check-in code for a new feature. It includes pieces of code your team wrote and pieces of code from a 3rd party. The code passes SAST & SCA and you deploy it to production. A day later, your production server is breached…and the attacker leveraged a bug in your code that caused privilege escalation and was able to become root.

In today’s microservices-containers/Kubernetes/Docker-DevOps world, a static code scanner isn’t sufficient. You also need RUNTIME observability into the application’s security, privacy, and compliance. And yes, there are existing DevSecOps tools that look at the running app – such as DAST & IAST – but they were designed over a decade ago and haven’t been updated….which means they’re not really built for CI pipelines and they’re pre-containers/Kubernetes/Docker.

DeepFactor and Sophos Speakers Tech Tuesday

Join Kiran Kamity, CEO and Founder at DeepFactor, and Joe Levy, CTO at Sophos, on March 30th at 11:00 a.m. PT as they discuss the what, why, and how DeepFactor’s Continuous Observability platform:

  • Detects insecure behaviors that only manifest at runtime and cannot be caught with code scanning or just looking at known CVE databases
  • Automatically observes BILLIONs of application telemetry events across 170+ parameters in every thread/process/container to identify and triage security and compliance risks across various layers of the application stack—system calls, library calls, and network, web, API, and configuration layers—within the DevOps pipeline
  • Reduces alert volume by prioritizing the findings of your SCA tools with runtime insights from observability tools
  • Empowers Engineering leadership to accelerate productivity and decrease mean-time-to-remediate (MTTR) security and compliance risks pre-production as their teams ship secure releases on schedule

You’ll leave this session armed with the knowledge to immediately leverage continuous observability to consistently deploy apps with confidence.

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DeepFactor observes ACTUAL application behavior at RUNTIME to detect anomalies and prioritize alerts. But why emphasize RUNTIME observability? Think of it this way… Looking at a parked car is different from test-driving it. And you certainly don’t want to accidentally buy a lemon! Similarly, static code analysis is different from observing a RUNNING application. Avoid the lemons with observability—find security & compliance risks in your running application. Click here to start using DeepFactor for FREE!

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