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“Our experience has been great. We deployed it in our AWS infrastructure and I was surprised by how easy it was to ingrain… It was absolutely refreshing!”

Mohit Dhawan, VP of Engineering at Komprise

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“From a security perspective, [DeepFactor] filled a hole in Jobvite’s current observability fabric. [DeepFactor] sets you up for a lot of future wins because you have the whole piece.”

Ron Teeter, VP & Chief Architect at Jobvite

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“We inundate our developers with a list of vulnerabilities they need to go attack. Having DeepFactor gives us … a prioritized list of vulnerabilities or issues that we need our engineers to focus on”

David Huang, VP Global Tech Operations at Cadent

Continuous Observability Completes DevSecOps Initiative
Continuous Observability Completes DevSecOps
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