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“Our experience has been great. We deployed it in our AWS infrastructure and I was surprised by how easy it was to ingrain… It was absolutely refreshing!”

Mohit Dhawan, VP of Engineering at Komprise

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“From a security perspective, [DeepFactor] filled a hole in Jobvite’s current observability fabric. [DeepFactor] sets you up for a lot of future wins because you have the whole piece.”

Ron Teeter, VP & Chief Architect at Jobvite

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“We inundate our developers with a list of vulnerabilities they need to go attack. Having DeepFactor gives us … a prioritized list of vulnerabilities or issues that we need our engineers to focus on”

David Huang, VP Global Tech Operations at Cadent

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Don’t just take our word for it—see for yourself how easy it is to automatically observe billions of live telemetry events in every thread/process/container to detect anomalies during test, staging, and production. Check out the DeepFactor playground demo environment, right here, right now!