Container Runtime Security: Detect Malicious Application Behavior & Comply with SOC 2

With speakers Jeff Deverna, Vice President of Cyber Security, Open Lending; Kiran Kamity, Founder & CEO, Deepfactor

Security always needs multiple layers. In addition to having perimeter protection mechanisms such as WAFs in place, security teams need to observe and detect high-risk runtime behaviors in their container apps to effectively mitigate new threats and ensure compliance with security standards such as SOC 2 Type 2. This is even more important in highly regulated industries such as the financial industry.

In this webinar, Jeff Deverna, VP of Cyber Security for Open Lending, an industry trailblazer in lending enablement and risk analytics solutions for financial institutions, shares best practices and lessons learned based on Open Lending’s implementation of container runtime security and their compliance program. Kiran Kamity, CEO and Founder of Deepfactor, demonstrates how customers use Deepfactor Developer Security, a new, integrated approach to SCA, SBOM, and runtime security, to detect and fix insecure and non-compliant runtime file, network, and memory behaviors in dev, test, and production environments.


Container Runtime Security

About our guest speaker: 
As Vice President of Cyber Security, Jeff Deverna oversees the Cyber Security and Infrastructure teams at Open Lending. Jeff previously led Security for SparkCognition, FICO’s Security Operations Center, and worked on various projects in the DoD for Army Cyber Command. Jeff enjoys anything tech and sports related and spending time outdoors with his family.