Develop Secure Cloud Native Apps

Deepfactor is a new approach to AppSec that combines SBOM, SCA, and Runtime Security into a powerful integrated platform.

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$ dfctl scan deepfactor/my-service:tag1234
$ helm install df-webhook deepfactor/webhook

Supply Chain Security

Automatically generate SBOMs to comply with executive order 14028 and other supply chain security regulations.

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Runtime-Enriched SCA

Prioritize software composition analysis (SCA) findings based on correlation with runtime usage behavior to reduce alert fatigue.

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Runtime Security

Find insecure runtime behaviors such as file, network, and memory behavior in dev, test, and production.

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    SBOMs help organizations to determine if they are susceptible to security vulnerabilities previously identified in software components. These components could be internally developed, commercially procured or open-source software libraries. SBOMs generate and verify information about code provenance and relationships between components, which helps software engineering teams to detect malicious attacks during development (e.g., code injection) and deployment (e.g., binary tampering).

    Dale Gardner

    Analyst, Gartner

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    We only looked at runtime in terms of performance analysis, but never in terms of security analysis, and that has changed. With Deepfactor, the types of vulnerabilities that we’ve suddenly become aware of are the runtime ones such as processes running as root, privilege escalation, insecure use of secrets, remote code execution, and use of unsafe APIs.

    Daniel Carrión

    Chief Technology and Product Officer, Inspide

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    Properly Implemented, Cloud-Native Applications Will Be the Most Secure Applications Your Organization Has Ever Developed and Deployed. But You Must Discard the Baggage of Your Conventional Thinking, Tools and Processes for Security.

    Neil MacDonald

    Distinguished VP Analyst, Gartner

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    What Deepfactor provides us is the ability to do a dynamic scan against the service to give us another viewpoint and perspective, and catch the things that are actively running.

    David Huang

    VP of Global Tech Operations, Cadent

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    Firms that want to secure applications are challenged by understaffed security teams and lack of security awareness on the part of developers. Developer security champions are developers who act as a security point of contact in their team and embed.

    Sandy Carielli

    Principal Analyst, Forrester

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    Deepfactor has a unique perspective, looking at the applications from the inside out. Being able to say this application made an outbound call to this port using this library brings another layer of knowledge to your developers’ understanding of the application.

    Ron Teeter

    VP & Chief Architect, Jobvite

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    The team is so busy with developing new features they didn’t want the additional overhead of looking at security defects. There could be a deluge of false positives. We needed the right tooling. We told AppSec – ‘If you don’t have a test case associated with a particular container, there’s a strong likelihood we’re going to miss out on identifying these vulnerabilities.’

    Large Software Vendor

    Sr. Director of Product Development

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