October 16, 2020

Breaking News from SD Times: Companies to Watch in 2021!


SD Times names Deepfactor one of the “Companies to Watch in 2021”, thus affirming Continuous Observability for Developers and DevOps teams is the next frontier in software development.

SD Times Companies to Watch 2021

SD Times just published their list of Companies to Watch in 2021and we’re highlighted! As you’ll read in the article, “Identifying which [startups] will ultimately succeed or fail is like trying to find gold in the bottom of a stream. But that’s what the editors of SD Times look for each year: Those companies that have somehow shined more brightly than the others.” Click here to start using Deepfactor for free.

Here at Deepfactor, we’re just getting started! Now Developers can predict and prevent production problems, at the speed of DevOps, enabling organizations to remove the last remaining roadblock to realizing the true potential of CI/CD.  Over the next few quarters, we’ll continue to improve the product to enable dev teams to continuously find and fix runtime security, compliance, and performance risks in custom and 3rd party code within the DevOps pipeline. Our Deep Passive Observability™ technology and Application Runtime Intelligence™ engine quickly and seamlessly provide developers full runtime visibility so they can go from Runtime Blind to RunTime Ready. In addition to Jenkins, Slack, and Jira, we’ll add more integrations to better serve our community members and customers. Our company is built by Developers for Developers, and it’s an honor to be recognized by SD Times.

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