How Does DeepFactor Work

DeepFactor Provides Powerful Insights

Observe ACTUAL app behavior at RUNTIME, detect anomalies, and identify security and compliance risks BEFORE production.

DeepFactor Delivers 4 Groups of Powerful Insights-2

Turn Developers into AppSec Champions

Designed for today’s modern apps, DeepFactor is the industry’s first Continuous Observability platform to fill the void between static code scanning (SAST/SCA/Container scanning tools) on the left and operator tools (Container/Kubernetes security and vulnerability scanning tools) on the right. Create a framework for both engineering teams and AppSec teams to work together in harmony, breaking down silos, reducing friction, and enjoying seamless collaboration. 


You can ship secure code without sacrificing productivity or drowning in alert fatigue!

  • Find and triage RUNTIME Security, Privacy, and Compliance risks within the Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline with one command and no code changes
  • Instantly pinpoint root cause and remediate runtime risks 'at the source' before shipping to production
  • Automatically observe millions of application telemetry events and detect anomalies
  • Receive low-volume, high-fidelity alerts with actionable evidence, such as stack traces and metrics
  • Compare the behavior of one version to another


You can accelerate productivity and decrease mean-time-to-remediate (MTTR) security and compliance risks pre-production!

  • Establish a ‘security first’ culture
  • Quick adoption via purpose-built tool designed by developers for developers and their leadership team
  • Leverage the Observability-as-Code API to integrate with any CI pipeline, including CircleCI, CloudBees, GitLab, GitHub, Jenkins, and more
  • Use with any workload from traditional/non-container to container/Kubernetes/Docker applications
  • Centralize management and reporting


You can move faster with greater efficiency to focus on the critical alarms that could imperil the business!

  • Collaborate with and empower engineering teams to abate security risks BEFORE production!
  • Stop wasting time investigating false-positives
  • Set security policies and guardrails
  • Prioritize alerts
  • Avoid context switching and arm the dev team to triage risks pre-production