Next-Gen AppSec Series: Secrets Done Right: Code, Container Images, Env Vars, and Process Memory

With Evan Litwak, Sr Director, DevSecOps Solutions Strategy, CyberArk, and Deepfactor's CTO, Mike Larkin and CEO Kiran Kamity

Episode #3—Deepfactor’s ‘Next-Gen AppSec’ series:

Secrets Done Right : Correctly Handle Secrets in Code, Container Images, Environment Variables, and Process Memory

It’s common for organizations to scan for secrets in code or container images. However, secrets like database passwords and CSP auth tokens could also be hiding in your environment variables or process memory, and your code and container scans won’t be able to detect them. It’s quite common for developers to accidentally forget to use a vault and leave these secrets unprotected, and that can come back to bite you!

Deepfactor CTO, Mike Larkin, and CyberArk Sr. Director – DevSecOps Solutions Strategy, Evan Litwak, discuss the following topics:

– How mismanaged secrets can hurt you
– The many places secrets can hide – how attackers leverage mismanaged secrets
– Best practices:
– Detecting secrets in code and containers
– Identifying secrets in environment variables
– Protecting your enterprise from mismanaged secrets
– Managing transient secrets in process memory