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Help developers automatically discover, prioritize, and remediate application risks early in development and testing.

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Deepfactor Developer Security Insights

Deepfactor automatically discovers and prioritizes application risks across application code, dependencies, container images, and web interfaces to help developers ship secure code faster.

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Pinpoint Application Risks

Deepfactor identifies insecure application code, behavior and dependency risks related to secrets, privilege escalation, remote code execution, and more to provide developers unique application-aware insights.

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Secure the Supply Chain

Deepfactor scans applications to ensure that all artifacts, dependencies, and OS packages are secure, while providing detailed usage information for developers to prioritize resolution.

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Detect OWASP Top 10

Deepfactor automatically scans known web interfaces and APIs, while also observing hidden URIs during QA testing to detect OWASP Top 10 critical security risks.

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Understand Compliance Risk

Deepfactor maps application security risks to various compliance controls to help engineering teams identify the insecure code that violates relevant compliance standards (PCI DSS, SOC 2 Type 2, NIST).

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Dynamic Bill of Materials

Deepfactor analyzes licensing, file usage, code interactions, and network behavior in addition to dependencies, OS packages, and components.

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Detect Security Risks Before Shipping

Deepfactor observes running applications in development and testing to help engineering teams uncover critical security risks in custom and third-party code.

Provide Contextual and Actionable Alerts

Deepfactor generates prioritized insights that enable developers to pinpoint insecure code, streamline remediation, analyze drift between releases, and understand potential impact to compliance objectives.

Generate a Dynamic Bill of Materials

Deepfactor distinguishes between active and inactive code, and collects valuable information about the application including packages, dependencies, licenses, processes, and network connections.

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Build a Developer Security Champions Program – Five Steps to Stronger Developer Security

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Purpose-Built To {Observe} Cloud Native Applications

With a single command Deepfactor seamlessly loads a robust language-agnostic library into cloud native workloads and environments.

NO Agents. NO Sidecars. NO Kernel Modules.

$ helm install df-webhook deepfactor/webhook -f override.yaml_

$ dfctl run –a “MyApp” –c “MyService” --docker-run --image myservice:latest_

Use Cases

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Reduce Security Risks

Find 75% more security vulnerabilities in development before shipping to production than with traditional security tools.




Accelerate Release Cycles

Eliminate 90% of release delays due to security issues by discovering critical security risks in development and testing.




Build a Security Culture

Teach 100% of developers secure coding by providing timely and actionable security best practices, continuously building security knowledge over time.


The 5 Most Common API Interception Techniques...Dissected!

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