Next-Gen Container Runtime Security

Learn how to integrate next-gen container runtime security into your development process.

In this 14-minute demo video of the next-gen container runtime security you will learn about how:

  • When runtime security is activated, Deepfactor inserts a small library into the container’s processes, allowing it to monitor the application’s behavior in real-time.
  • Deepfactor’s platform is designed to detect insecure behaviors in applications or containers, such as bad file system, network, and memory behaviors. It functions across various environments including dev, test, and production.
  • Deepfactor’s platform provides an exhaustive list of security checks, based on potential malicious behaviors across file, memory, network, and process operations.

Discover the innovative capabilities of Deepfactor’s next-generation platform, designed to detect insecure behaviors in applications and containers throughout development, testing, and production environments.

Key takeaways:

  1. Integrated Observability: Deepfactor offers end-to-end observability into applications, detecting insecure behaviors like bad file system activity, poor network behavior, and insecure memory behavior across various deployment modes, including Kubernetes, Docker, and non-containerized deployments.
  2. Easy Configuration & Integration: With a user-friendly interface, Deepfactor facilitates easy configuration, enabling seamless monitoring of namespaces, pods, and application behaviors in environments such as Kubernetes, without complex setups.
  3. Granular Control & Flexibility: Deepfactor’s platform ensures detailed configurability, letting users specify application groupings, name components, and apply custom or standard security policies, outperforming the first generation of container security tools.