August 26, 2022

DevOps India Summit 2022

Deepfactor is pleased to sponsor DevOps India Summit 2022. The theme this year is “The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Digital Transformation in the Cloud.” Our CEO Kiran Kamity will discuss “Developer-Led Security Starts Here: Empower Engineering Teams to Create Secure Cloud Native Apps” as well as present the DOIS22 Awards.

Session abstract:
Application modernization presents an opportunity for engineering teams to evaluate improvements across the entire SDLC. But the resulting speed and complexity created by using containers, multiple coding languages, and open-source software libraries is causing a growing number of security risks. To understand and triage these cloud native application risks, developers must analyze security insights from multiple tools to assess risk across application code, dependencies, container images, web interfaces, and compliance objectives. But the overwhelming number of tools, disruptive instrumentation, and the resulting volume of noisy vulnerability reports can delay releases and increase risk as engineering teams waste time on low-value issues that represent no “active risk” to the application.

In this session with Deepfactor Founder & CEO, Kiran Kamity, you will learn:

  • How the Deepfactor Developer Security platform is purpose-built to observe cloud native applications running in Kubernetes—without code changes, agents, or privileged kernel code
  • That it provides developers with contextual, application-aware information—such as system calls and stack traces—to pinpoint vulnerable code and prioritize remediation
  • And it delivers unified developer security, providing security insights spanning application code, dependencies, container images, web/API interfaces and compliance in a single, integrated platform.

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