How To Get Deepfactor Alerts Into Your Dashboard


The final thing I want to touch on today is integrations. So everything that you’ve seen in the portal can actually be consumed through our API. So if you’ve already got some type of dashboard or some type of solution such as Splunk or a lock management solution, you can consume all those alerts. We have a very well documented API. You can test the API directly within the product itself. And then in terms of integrations, we ship with a bunch out of the box. So you can integrate into things like your CI pipelines, GitLabs, CircleCI, Jenkins. We touched on the project management or ticketing systems. We integrate with identity providers, such as Okta. And then we’ve also got some customers that say, “Hey, we’ve already got a subscription to something like a Synopsys Black Duck. Can we integrate with their feed?” We certainly allow that as well, as well as notifications and integrations into areas such as Slack.

Now, again, if you don’t see your integration here, you can simply use the API and we’re always adding new integrations. These are just some of the popular ones that we’ve seen a lot of our customers use.