RSAC 2021 Sponsor - DeepFactor AppSec Observability - Early Stage Expo

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Visit the DeepFactor booth and learn about the industry's first AppSec Observability platform that is purpose-built for Engineering and AppSec teams to START LEFT and secure at the source. 

DeepFactor Speaking at JFrog swampUP - So You Think You Know the Behavior of Your Containers_Would You Stake Your Job on it

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You’ve developed a fabulous container/Docker/Kubernetes application and assembled a RUNTIME Integration (CI) pipeline. The application works as it should, and the static scans look secure, but, is it actually operating securely? Are any 3rd party components you’ve integrated doing something they shouldn’t be doing? How do you know?

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DeepFactor CyberSecurity Virtual 2021 Ops Teams SHIFT Left but Deverlopers START Left

Ops Teams ‘SHIFT Left’...BUT...Developers ‘START Left’

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DevOps.com_Digital Anarchist_TechStrong TV interview with DeepFactor Founder and CEO Kiran Kamity

Application Security and Continuous Observability with DeepFactor

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DeepFactor Continuous Observability and Qualitest Webinar On-Demand

Survival of the Fittest: Cyber Security at the Speed of Digital Transformation

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Do You Know the Behavior of Your Containers at Runtime?

So you think you know the behavior of your containers? Would you stake your job on it?

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DeepFactor DevSecOp is Broken Without Continuous Observability

Breaking News: DevSecOps is Broken Without RUNTIME Observability

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You can't spot a lemon if the car is parked. Similarly, you can't spot all vulnerabilities with only static code scans!

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