DeepFactor Add Runtime AppSec Observability to Your GitLab Pipeline Webinar LIFB2

A must-see AppSec webinar for developers: How to Add Runtime Observability to Your GitLab Pipeline. Watch On-Demand HERE.

When it comes to identifying security and compliance risks, it is important to bake it into the CI/CD pipeline so that every build is automatically observed and alerts are generated to provide Engineering immediate feedback as soon as possible. Register HERE and learn how to make your GitLab pipeline more secure in less than an hour with Continuous AppSec Observability. 


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DeepFactor CyberSecurity Virtual 2021 Ops Teams SHIFT Left but Deverlopers START Left

Ops Teams ‘SHIFT Left’...BUT...Developers ‘START Left’

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DevOps.com_Digital Anarchist_TechStrong TV interview with DeepFactor Founder and CEO Kiran Kamity

Application Security and Continuous Observability with DeepFactor

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DeepFactor Continuous Observability and Qualitest Webinar On-Demand

Survival of the Fittest: Cyber Security at the Speed of Digital Transformation

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Do You Know the Behavior of Your Containers at Runtime?

So you think you know the behavior of your containers? Would you stake your job on it?

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DeepFactor DevSecOp is Broken Without Continuous Observability

Breaking News: DevSecOps is Broken Without RUNTIME Observability

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You can't spot a lemon if the car is parked. Similarly, you can't spot all vulnerabilities with only static code scans!

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